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Amateur race

Today there are more options to get out on the racetrack then ever before.

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Until five years ago you needed to attend an accredited racing school to go wheel to wheel racing, but the recent insurgence of amateur endurance series has changed that. As the name suggests, amateur endurance racing puts amateurs into a wide range of race cars for races of up to 24 hours in length. The most popular vehicles in these series tend to be 3-series BMWs, Mazda Miatas, Dodge Neons and other mundane vehicles in varying states of race prep.

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Generally vehicle value is capped in the interest of keeping racing cheap, still the costs of building a car with all the required safety equipment can add up oops nudity flash. This is amateur good option for the guy who wants to dip his toes in the water before jumping in sperm young teen deep end.

Founded in LeMons is the original amateur endurance series and is rooted in theatrics, with extra points for unique team themes, clownish penalties for on-track indiscretions and a general lack of seriousness. The LeMons amateur includes a couple dozen races spread race the US.

How to Start Road Racing on a Budget

I you are looking for tongue in cheek racing race might be a good fit. E30 BMWs are most popular in Chumpcar due to their performance, reliability and relative abundance of parts. The series has been around since and puts on races ranging from 8 to 38 hours in length. World Racing is all about racing and allows car of all values. World Racing League was founded by an ex-Chumpcar employee on the premise that amateur road racing should be safe, affordable and enjoyable, without unnecessary hassles, politics or barriers to participate, and without losing the flavor and nature of real competition.