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I learned naked rita this otherwise unknown site in the Rough Guide for Turkey. Khatchkars or khachkar, "cross-stone" in Armenian are monumental medieval Armenian gravestones or memorial stones, and there are few examples of them left in Turkey.


For any future seekers, here are what details I can offer from my own experience finding them. The gravestones are apparently dated to the late 15th to early 16th centuries there's por info here: One set of khatchkars has been incorporated into a crude stone wall, while a recent house has been built right in front of another set of larger ones, forcing you to get up close to por their facades.

Another khachkar is incorporated into the exterior back wall of the chapel. Apart from their awkward situation, most best porn software armenian are Apart from their awkward situation, most of armenian are in physically good condition, though a few are armenian. Unfortunately I can't remember the cost for the taxi but it must have been between Turkish Lira including the return trip por in any case the taxi driver was very honest with me so I wouldn't worry much about being overcharged.

The village is some km from downtown Bitlis, roughly a minute drive, on a rural road reached by turning east off the main Tatvan-Bitlis road, on the northern outskirts of Bitlis.