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Bald women

The bald, Hathaway womenwas among the most intense of her acting career: And cutting my hair reduced me to, like, mental patient-level crying.

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I was inconsolable. Even in modernity, bald shame may be tied to hair: AKB48, the person girl group Minegishi belongs to, prohibits smoking and significant others.

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But even when actresses like Hathaway discard their coifs in the name of their art, they are thought of as self-sacrificing. In the late sixteenth century, Rose of Lima was the first saint born in the Americas.

Female pattern baldness: Treatment and genetics

She was devoted to suffering. As a young woman, Rose thwarted sexual attention by shaving her head and smearing pepper on her face.

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Later in her life, women wore a metal spiked crown concealed with roses every day, and slept on a bed of broken glass every night. Here, head-shaving is both sexless and selfless.