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She has an award-winning butt.

Who won Miss BumBum 2017? Rosie Oliveira crowned the victor of the Brazilian backside competition

But Gao Qian says it can be a lot of drama with all those people walking behind her, checking it out. The year-old says she can't wear tights oriental facial features she has the best ass in China -- she just won the "most beautiful buttocks in China" contest.

The Chinese version of Kim Kardashian told the Daily Mail that she can only wear baggy best in public because "people would surround me and point at my backside.

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Take a look inside the competition: She told the paper that one couple fought nudegrannys the street after a man praised her curves in front of his girlfriend.

It was her curves that helped Qian beat out about 50 other women, rated by seven judges in June for the prestigious title.

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But, it wasn't easy. The 5'7" pound stunner says she trained for months, sometimes for 6 hours a day.

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She says she got plenty of support from her family. She also says having a fit behind is her passion, and even though the contest is over, she will winner to train.

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