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He's Andrew Hozier-Byrne -- and you might not know bog who he is.

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Aside from being a gorgeous track that showed off Hozier's rich, wise-beyond-his-years voice and blues background, the song also touched on LGBTQ rights, centering on two women who fall in love despite a religion that tells them it's wrong.

But the song really took off, according to Billboardwhen he dropped the accompanying video sex falla clip that now has nearly 50 million views and highlights the very timely issue of anti-gay discrimination in Russia. And to think, it wasn't long ago girls the year-old I know, we were surprised teen legs nude his youth, too was studying music at Trinity College and singing covers at parties -- where he was discovered.

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Lucky for us, he dropped out of school, ditched the covers -- and outside producers -- and honed his own sound in girls attic in Ireland where "Take Me To Church" and Hozier was born. Sex News bog got a chance to chat with Hozier.

Find out what he had to say about his earliest musical memory, underwear and, of course, bog people. I was shocked at first. So, you know, I think it took me a day or two [to] just realize it was a real thing, you know?

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Speaking of over-the-moon, how was the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? How do you think your music goes along with a bunch of ladies in lingerie? I mean, 'Take Me To Church' is about sex. And it is sexual.

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