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Buff Orpingtons come out of their shell wearing the chick color they'll sport for life. Even males don't develop colored feathers like other breeds, and their short tails can make them hard to tell from females at first glance.

Knowing a few subtle differences between the sexes can help you figure out who's who at any age.

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Subtle fuck in down in the day-old chick can let you know your Buff Orpington's gender right from the start. Although both sexes sport buff-colored down, males have pale, whitish streaks in their down at the upper wing joints.

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Females may show faint brown lines on their backs and may have a brownish spot on their heads. At this age, there is little difference in their behavior buff would reliably let you know which is male or female. Vent sexing is another way of telling the gender of day-old chick.


It involves gently pushing beneath the chick's vent to extrude the genitals. The technique is 98 percent accurate when done by a professional. A chick's genitals are easily injured at this age, so leave vent sexing nude charlies angel your veterinarian or other chicken professional.

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Buff Orpington chicks may start showing sexual differences early in life. Males develop longer, thicker legs and stand taller than females.