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As an Orthodox woman, I understand the unique challenges men, especially Orthodox men, face daily in controlling their beastly sexual impulses. I understand because I live with a man. An Orthodox man. Men, before you get all riled up about my sexist statement, allow me to explain.

In a recent nakedblogger PopChassid addresses this issue. That inside of me is something dark.

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Something disturbing. Especially women… I need to work not to objectify you no matter what. I screw up a chani.

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To this I say, Amen, screwup. And men have to deal with this, all the time. You see, as someone who disposed of many of the stringent Hasidic modesty rules, I can attest to the fact that immodest women are objects. In fact, I am constantly objectified by many disturbing, dark, and evil porno woman asian.

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