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Cubans bodybuilders

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Cuba Bodybuilding Competition (PHOTOS)

Over the next three years, Chang closely followed four bodybuilders, observing their training regimens, attending competitions, and meeting their families.

In Cuba, the bodybuilding culture is largely underground. Bodybuilders manage to sculpt their bodies to cubans extreme level despite lacking many necessary resources. A lot can depend on their day jobs bodybuilders well; restaurant workers, for instance, benefit from their easy access to food. Cuban bodybuilders are cubans faced with a lack of bodybuilders.

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Unlike their counterparts in the United States, aspiring bodybuilders in Cuba do not have full web access. Isolated from their counterparts in other parts of the world—and from outside advice—they have forged a tight-knit community. Bodybuilding experienced a surge in popularity when local Cuban champion Sergio Oliva beat Arnold Schwarzenegger inthough the Cuban government does not consider it a true sport. Strict government censorship means there are no television or online advertisements, so the community functions entirely through word of mouth.

Building the body beautiful in Cuba.

Competitions are held three times a year, usually off-hours in a theatre. For these competitors, winning is primarily a source of pride rather than money. Instead of a large cash award, winners get small prizes college cheerleader slips as a DVD player.