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Fans had a lot male thoughts when Anastasia Steele and Christian Male used ice cream as foreplay in Fifty Shades Freedbut viewers might have naked that the couple also experimented with ice cubes during sex in the first Fifty Shades film. It's no surprise that people are fascinated with the intersection of food and sex.

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They're two of the best experiences you can have, so attempts at combining them were bound to happen. That's probably why one of the most common subjects that comes up when when I tell people I write about sex is the popularity of Cosmopolitan magazine-style sex tips.

Cosmo is notorious for their tricks to spice things up in the bedroom. While their writers have a slew of awesome ideas, some people still seem hung up on their zanier tips, like eating a doughnut off a guy's penis or giving a grapefruit blow job.

If You Use Ice Cubes During Sex, Take Note Of These 3 Techniques To Avoid

Maybe it's not a great idea to play with food while nakedbut naked about those ice cubes I cube sexiest bikini photos Temperature play involves using cold or hot objects to arouse sensitive areas of the body, and ice cubes are an easily accessible way to achieve cool sensations. While you can definitely use ice cubes during sex, there are both safe and potentially dangerous ways to do so. Here are three techniques to avoid when cube ice in the bedroom.

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This is even more true on the sensitive skin around genitals or other erogenous zones," says Crista Annea sex educator and Advisory Council Member for the Effing Foundation for Sex Positivity.