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'Sexy cyborg' girl struggles to cover up in tiny see-through bra - Daily Star

Lam Yik Fei. Huaqiangbei, the famed electronics bazaar in Shenzhen, China, hums with the chaotic unity of a thousand symbiotic organisms.

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Stacks of circuit boards, cables, and colorful components extend farther than the eye can see. Sellers hawk their wares from Tetris-like cubicles crammed around claustrophobic aisles. Are you Naomi Wu?

Shenzhen's Homegrown Cyborg

He really wants a picture together. I point to myself and make the universal gesture for snapping a photo, to which he nods, passing me his smartphone. Wu shuffles her platform boots, flouncing a cascade of hair off her back, and poses. Wu possesses the uncanny perfection of a famous person, and tends to elicit this reaction wherever she goes.

Shenzhen's Homegrown Cyborg - VICE

Makers, in naked broadest sense, are technology tinkerers: By this definition, Wu is fairly conventional. She builds sexy vodka-pouring BarBota makeup kit that doubles as a Linux-based hacking device, 3D-printed wearables—and, each week, cyborgs of people watch her boy fights nacked it.


Her videos are peppy and instructive, featuring step-by-step tutorials, product reviews, and snippets of life around Shenzhen.