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Dancing like sex

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Dance is the drug of ancient gods, giving us the freedom to move, contort, and shape our beautiful bodies. Dance is sex with dancing on.

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But angelina love porn can we translate dancing into being a better lover? Actually, the act of dancing naturally improves your love life without you even having to think about it.

Here's how.

Sexual Politics of Dancing: The Secrets of Looking Good on the Dance Floor

In the bedroom, much like the dance floor, like to rhythm elevates participants to a new level. Rhythm comes from nature: Dancing is a way to show a partner sex link to something ancestral; carnal, even. Through this incendiary and titillating experience -- showing our rhythm and ability to dance -- we provoke those who watch us. They get to synchronize their natural rhythm with ours.

And it's those same dance-floor gyrations we use in the bedroom. Loving music and dancing to it are two things we've all done since childhood.