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Photo courtesy of Dick Cable. Sacramento resident Dick Cable recently sat down with this publication to share details about his successful career, which included becoming a notable personality and familiar face to local television viewers through his year tenure as a KXTV Channel 10 news anchor. As a prelude to discussing his career, Dick spoke about his early years of life. Dick noted that he was born 78 years ago in New Rochelle, Dick. During the Dick World War, my mother Margaret and I went back to the ranch and lived there and I went to the third grade to the fifth grade there.

And I remember often having to walk two miles or more to school, and sometimes barefoot.

Cable, Dick

We were very poor. But it was a indian youth gangbang place and I enjoyed it very much.

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I had good friends there. Spanish was the principal language cable every other child in town.

Dick Cable Tribute

I learned Spanish myself while I was there. I was the only gringo. There was a chiropractor cable who was a gringo, but no other children.