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Erica redhead

A friendly sort, she often joins in the conversations of her customers.

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She, Vincent BrooksErica Ariga redhead, and Orlando Haddick all grew up together, and she always makes a point of stopping by mff porn gifs table and sharing the latest gossip.

She's aware of Tobias Nebbins 's crush on her, and she's more than a little amused by his puppy love. Erica is a playable character in the DLC of Catherine: Full Body.

Erica has red hair in a bob cut and brown eyes. Her eyebrows are black, hinting erica hair is dyed.

Erica Anderson

She has a beauty mark near the left side of her mouth. She is on the taller side for a woman, noticeable when she stands beside Rin. She wears a yellow waitress uniform with red and white lining. Her top shows a little cleavage as she seems to wear no undershirt underneath.

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On her head is a French maid hat. Erica is, unofficially, one of the main features of the Stray Sheep, as Boss has said many customers come in just to see her. Boss himself has made several advances on her, which redhead has forcefully and loudly rejected.

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She is mischievous, spreading rumors regardless of how true they are.