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Eurotrip nude gif

Scotty doesn't know that Eurotrip is years-old today — and you probably didn't know, either.

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You also probably haven't seen it since it came out inbut the teen gif that starred Michelle Trachtenberg and featured a hilarious singing-cameo by Matt Damon is celebrating its tenth anniversary today.

So you should probably break out your bottle of Green Fairy and cheers while listening to Lustra's smash hit "Scotty Doesn't Know" and laughing gif Damon's recent butt-fax. Eurotripwhich boasts the official tagline of "No Europeans were harmed in the making of this film," we're not sure if that's entirely true is about a guy Scotty who gets dumped by porn star whores girlfriend who's been cheating on him with Matt Damon on graduation day so he heads to Europe with his friends.

And the rest of the nude is all Michelle Trachtenberg's boobs, ridiculous hijinks, and an equally ridiculous search for Scott's "true love" his pen pal Eurotrip.


In reality, if there's anything you need to remember, it's Damon's ridiculous character Donny and nude Doesn't Know," which he told HuffPost Entertainment in helped him maintain a level of normalcy in his life — well, as much normalcy as a guy who photocopies his butt can get. And now, to celebrate Eurotrip 's year anniversary — here's the eurotrip in 10 gifs:

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