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Fantasy muscle women

By Women Braun on December 6, Legions of female muscle fans enjoy photos and movies of real life female body builders.

Art & Fantasy

But there are limits to how muscular an actual human form can be. To satisfy the demand for fantasy female muscular forms which sex manga list far more extreme than any actual woman can be, a number of art forms have sprung up. Some of these art forms are non electronic in nature — paintings and fantasy of women with fabulously muscular physiques.

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Other imagery of incredibly muscled women falls into the category of morphed and photoshopped images, which take actual images of real life muscular women and enhance muscle musculature into the realm of the fantastic. And yet another category of enhanced female muscle art is that of 3D Muscle Women renders.

This article will briefly go over the current landscape of rendered fem-muscle, its history, and will use a simple example to illustrate the workflow for making a female muscle render.

So unlike the altering of an actual photograph done with Photoshop for example, CGI involves generating an image completely from scratch in the virtual world.

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Rather than using a real life camera, with CGI the image creator is using virtual cameras, virtual lighting, and wireframe models to create a purely computer generated image.