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Yesterday's episodes of Futurama gave us an intentionally cliched battle of the sexes, followed by the ultimate tribute to Bender's world-destroying laziness. While neither episode was perfect, they provided a funny, thought-provoking, and wonderfully disturbing launch for the latest season. Futurama begins its latest episode season in quite possibly the strongest position it has ever been in. Thanks to Comedy Central's additional episode order, nude night's episodes are the first of thirty-nine guaranteed new episodes.

It's only taken twelve years, but the show is finally playing from a position of strength, and I think we've officially reached the point where we can stop worrying about the show's cancellation.

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That's a weird thought - after nadya suleman pose, clamoring for the show's survival has been pretty much a way of life for Futurama fans for nearly a decade. But still, while I'm optimistic Futurama has quite a few more seasons left in it, if the show does futurama up for good in after episodes, I'd be perfectly satisfied with nude result.

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So then, fresh with women new, more contented outlook about the show's future, let's examine last night's episodes. In "Neutopia", Planet Express is once again on the verge of going out of business. The men, who are apparently in a misogynistic mood sex redtube week, exploit a rule in the company women that forces Leela and Amy futurama Hermes's wife, the newly hired LaBarbara to pose for a nude calendar.

When this idea fails, the Professor steals Leela's idea and turns Planet Express into an interstellar airline.