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Happy nude glasses

Happy founder was visual protection expert Alessandro Zocchi and family fashion designer Marco Masini. Our mission is to bring you a healthy and wonderful visual experience! Livho premium blue ray cut lens, safeguard your eyes and anti digital eyestrain from screen time so For better work and better life, brings you enjoyment cutie teenie nonnude digital life.

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It can absorb high-energy blue light. Less reflective,no affect reading, and almost no color difference. Long time exposure to blue light would lead to digital eye fatigue. Wearing your livho nude, no more tired eyes.

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Reduce eye strain and sensitivity to light when facing digital screens. Great for office workers or anyone who has to look at screen all day. Do you suffer headaches from long time screen time? Livho blue light blocking glasses will supercharge your glasses by blocking detrimental blue light while letting in all other beneficial light.

Exposure to high rate blue light will impact our sense of circadian rhythms and wreck our internal rock, then cause insomnia.


Wearing livho blue light filter glasses will improve your sleep, help you sleep better and feel good everyday.