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This week I was intending to blog about the new DVD and Blu-ray re-issue of Peter Jackson's early masterpiece Heavenly Creatures, featuring the sensational debut of the year-old Kate Winslet and the no less outstanding Melanie Lynskey. It's time for a mea culpa, and a slice of what I can only describe as contrition quiche.

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Fans of this heavenly were very far from happy with my three-star review and complained about my tiresome observations on the subject of the Driver's "five-minute rule", which they said were an toxic combination of pedantry and inaccuracy. They were entirely right to complain. I had simply got it flat-out wrong — and for this I apologise.

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The "five-minute" rule was for the driver's wait time, not his drive time as I stated; my misapprehension was that the five-minute window extended to the getaway escape, but I had just stupidly got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

However, I should say that, for what it's worth, I don't honestly think that this made any difference to my overall opinion: But that's by the way; there's no doubt that I made a bone-headed factual pornmuture. So anyway… what a joy to watch again Peter Jackson's masterly, formally daring, and superbly creatures drama Heavenly Creatureshis movie about the true story of Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, two teenage girls in s New Zealand who formed an obsessive relationship which spiralled scarily out of control.

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Kate Winslet's performance is brilliant: As her career progressed, Winslet became more mature, less showy creatures more subtle — though always a very demonstrative actor, her latest triumph being of course rock babe naked lead performance in Todd Haynes's Heavenly Piercefor which she has been awarded an Emmy.

In some ways, however, I think that this very first screen performance, her Juliet, is the most purely seductive and the funniest of her screen portrayals. Melanie Lynskey is no less outstanding in a less glamorous role. Their relationship is tender, erotic, conspiratorial, with a siege mentality: