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Hot vietnam girl


Note to Angry Boomer Expats: Please do not get your tighty whities in a bunch over a light and fun girl and boomer post about me making money on the internet. The first, and probably most common, type is the good girl. Anyway, the good girls you meet will usually be university students or recent graduates.

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Always under They may have had a Vietnamese boyfriend in high school, but they have never had a foreign BF. In other words, these are NOT the type of girls that you can invite straight to your apartment on day sexybeautifulnudes or to a bar, ever.

The Secret of Dating Hot Vietnamese Girls

Vietnam require a few daytime dates to get comfortable with you. One more thing, they usually speak English at a fairly low level.

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I wrote an entire article on meeting girls like this. Plus, these girls will relax their standards for a rich foreigner with a European or American passport. Speaking English well is kind of like giving good blowjobs.

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It requires lots of practice. Unfortunately, this practice involves hot yourself in American culture by either watching Hollywood movies or interacting with lots of foreigners, which means exposure to feminism cancer.

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The main point is if a Vietnamese girl speaks good English, then tread carefully if you want a GF.