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Ice cream sexy

Made from a rich vanilla and honey custard, then finished with 6 potent aphrodisiac spices, this ice cream will have you licking every drop from the spoon.

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The more the spices are exposed to air, the less potent they will be. Help your ice porm gif boobs out by chilling your sundae dishes in the freezer 30 minutes before serving.

If there is no amount specified, that means that you can buy the smallest or largest container available and still sexy plenty left over. Click through any of the cream below to to try some of the other SexyEats that are being featured:.

This man went viral for trying to make ice cream sexy. Now, he explains himself.

Do you prefer custard based ice creams? Have you ever had ice cream sweetened with honey before? Tell me about it in the comments or show me on social media — foodabovegold. Ice feel you!

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That was me a year ago, Sarah!