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Inter imageporn

While queer theory and corporeal feminism have never shied away from bodily excess inter that which psy porn pictures abjected from the body, this issue aims to adapt, draw on and expand upon already existing work in the field and we are thinking here of Elizabeth Grosz, Tim Dean, Calvin Thomas, Shannon Bell, John Paul Ricco among others by focusing on bodily productions- sweat, blood, pus, semen, mucous, milk, tears, vomit, diarrhea, saliva, bile, spinal fluid, urine, menses, oils, female ejaculate, amniotic fluid, acids- which tend to provoke squeamishness and acute ontological anxiety.

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Our sense is that much that currently passes for or out of queer thinking detaches itself inter and absents both the material body and that body's abjectified traces and productions indeed many of the fluids we list above have never received any attention at all from queer theorists.

The body for us does not simply mean the actual body but also refers to the corpuses or bodies of queer imageporn feminist theory and we argue that queer is, like the body, somehow excessive to meaning, to definition and that it overspills clean and proper limits of knowledge production.

By thinking through queer theory and corporeal feminism's own expulsions and imageporn as well as its refusals to get too proximate to certain bodily effusions, this issue aims to re-fluidify queer theory and contribute to its future development across theoretical, artistic, political, geographical and activist locations. Abstracts Mary Foltz: Excremental Eros: Exchanging Bodily Fluids: Imageporn in Contemporary Pornography Karin Sellberg: Fluid Fat Rosemary Deller: Squirm Anna Gibbs: The Evolution of Tears: Between Science and Speculation Tim Dean: Make It Nasty Kathleen Biddick: Tears of Reign: Weeping inter the State of Exception Elizabeth Stephens: