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International law recognizes children recruited by armed groups primarily as victims who should be rehabilitated and reintegrated into society. Iraqi children who have been arrested for suspected ISIS involvement say that once released, they are afraid to boys home because their arrest automatically brands them as ISIS and makes them vulnerable to revenge attacks.

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Children detained by the KRG said they feared re-arrest by Iraqi federal forces if they return to Baghdad-controlled territory. This jenevieve jolie anal can lead to permanent separation from their family and community. Iraqi and KRG authorities use deeply flawed screening processes that often lead to detention and prosecution of children regardless of whether they have any involvement with ISIS, or the extent of that involvement.

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Others might have the same name as an ISIS suspect. In many cases, neighbors report individuals for ISIS involvement with little or no evidence, or because of personal grievances. At least foreign children have been convicted on terrorism charges and sentenced to prison terms, according to Iraqi government authorities.

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In November, Human Rights Watch interviewed 29 individuals who had been detained as children for alleged ISIS association by the KRG, family members of 8 other iraqi who had been arrested by Iraqi authorities as ISIS suspects, child protection advocates, local lawyers, and other legal experts.

Of the children interviewed who admitted association with ISIS, most said they joined because of economic need, peer or family pressure, or eva mendezporn escape family naked or gain social status.

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