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During the Partition of Indiaviolence against women was an extensive issue. Systematic violence against women started in March in Rawalpindi district where Sikh women were targeted by Muslim mobs.

Muslim women were to be sent to Pakistan and Hindu and Sikh women to India.

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During partition Punjabi society was affected at all levels by murder, displacement and assault. Rival communities targeted women to humiliate them and actions against women included rape, abduction and forcible kashmiri. Violence against women also occurred in Jammu and Kashmir and the Rajputana states.

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In contrast to earlier riots women were victimised in the direct action day riots in Calcutta. Thousands were kidnapped just in Patna district.

Violence against women during the partition of India - Wikipedia

Huge numbers of Hindus and Sikhs were killed, [18] forcibly convertedchildren were kidnapped and women were abducted and raped publicly. Violence was also perpetrated on an organized basis, with Pathans taking Hindu and Sikh women from refugee trains while one observer witnessed armed Sikhs periodically dragging Muslim women from their refugee column yukikax asia teen killing any men who resisted, while the military sepoys guarding the females did nothing.

Both Sikh and Muslim communities also cited revenge as a reason for their attacks. The scholar Andrew Major notes that the large-scale abduction and rape of girls seemed to have nude a part of systematic ' ethnic cleansing ' in the Gurgaon region on the outskirts of Delhi.