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Kitten girls fucked

Top definition.

Teen Kitten Banged!

Usually a young, sweet, cute looking girl, but who ooze's sex appeal and who is most probably a lot less innocent than they look. They are usually very flirty and playful. Hard to resist! That girl off that show 'doctors'!

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You'd know if your saw her! A girl or kitten who is very cute and playfull fucked the outside, but on the inside a sexual hungar burns with the flame of a orgasmic desires, that will consume all the energy you've got. She'll satisfy you in every way you can imagine, and is highly ready for any type of sexual play. Dude my girlfriend gave me a hugand then ripped her pants off and begged me to spank her!!!!

She is a total sexkitten!!!

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Sex Girls unknown. A really cute girl who seems quite innocent, but oozes sex appeal. She likes a try new things and generally will go at it blowjob cheerleader she collapses with exhaustion.