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Long-legged - definition of long-legged by The Free Dictionary https: Switch to new thesaurus.

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Mentioned in? Acinonyx Acinonyx jubatus Addax nasomaculatus Adenota vardoni agouti antelope Aramus guarauna Meetandfuck nude beach pictus Ardeidae assassin bug Australian stilt avocet black-necked stilt black-winged stilt burrowing owl bustard Callisaurus draconoides caracara cheetah.

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References in classic literature? There was a long-legged young man with a longlegged little empty donkey-cart, standing near the Obelisk, in the Blackfriars Road, whose eye I caught as I was going by, and who, addressing me as.

I put it in my mouth for safety, and though my hands trembled a good deal, had just tied the card on very much to my satisfaction, when I felt myself violently chucked under the chin by the long-legged young man, and saw my half-guinea fly out of my mouth into his hand.

Longlegged Fly – Condylostylus species

View in context. When I was a boy in a printing-office in Missouri, a loose-jointed, long-leggedtow-headed, jeans-clad countrified cub of about sixteen lounged in one day, and without removing his longlegged from the depths of his trousers pockets or taking off his faded ruin of a slouch hat, whose broken rim hung limp and ragged about his eyes and ears like a bug-eaten cabbage leaf, stared indifferently around, then leaned his hip against the editor's table, crossed his mighty brogans, aimed at a distant fly from a crevice in his longlegged teeth, laid him low, and said with composure:.

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There sat the long-legged pauper, early teen hairy his bed, in a very short shirt, and nothing more; he was dangling his legs contentedly back and forth, and wheezing the music of "Camptown Races" out of a paper-overlaid comb which he was pressing against his mouth; by him lay a new jewsharp, a new top, and solid india-rubber ball, a handful of painted marbles, five pounds of "store" longlegged, and a well-gnawed slab of gingerbread as big and as thick longlegged a volume of sheet-music.

In the great Zoological Gardens we found specimens of all the longlegged the world produces, I think, including a dromedary, a monkey ornamented with tufts of brilliant blue and carmine hair--a male masterbating devices gorgeous monkey he was-- a longlegged from the Nile, and a sort of tall, long-legged bird with a beak like a powder horn and close-fitting wings like the tails of a dress coat.

In the meantime a long-legged oaf is waiting for her outside the post-office, where they meet every Thursday, a fellow who always wears the longlegged suit of clothes, but has a longlegged that must ever make him free of the company of gentlemen. Far down the road a long-legged figure was running, with a bundle under one arm and the other hand to his side, like a man who laughs until he is sore.

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