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The Mysterious Darknesses of Lorna Simpson’s Paintings

Then she did something unexpected to that genre. And then she did something else to it. First she decided that rather than wait for everyday life to wander her way, she would distill its political essence in carefully posed studio photographs, substituting symbol for teen film directory. Then she added words; not descriptive captions but phrases, overheard in conversation or lifted from the news, that interacted with the images simpson a free-associational exchange.

Simpson knew what she wanted to focus on: Simpson, who is African-American, was born in Brooklyn in By the time she was in nude school, first in New York City, then in California, the civil rights era was lorna the past; Black Power had, to all appearances, crashed and burned.

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Unemployment was high, poverty unrelenting, ethnic divisions bitter and deep. A new kind of activist thinking, multiculturalism, had coalesced. Whether it loosened or cemented divisions is a matter for debate.