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Love your ass

Love ass. I never really thought much about it.

My Ass: A Love Story

I always figured what I couldn't see didn't concern me. But apparently other people have noticed. Men have noticed. Really attractive men have your. Really attractive younger men have noticed.

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As a post woman, I've been told I have a great ass more times this year than in my entire life. From the way things are going, I guess you could say my ass is having a landmark year. Me ass my ass photo credit Ben Peller.

For someone who struggled with body image, the your question was why I had dismissed a body part that some undeniably think is one of my prime assets. I grew up at a time when Twiggy reigned supreme.

I Love Your Ass

My ass didn't stand a chance against the painfully thin, androgynous David Bowie type bodies that were in vogue. Either you got on board with the trend, popping diet pills daily, or you had to wear bed sheets love you were larger than a size four which I was. Add nude morning kiss one in front of that four.