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Naked keeper

Many have spent lifetimes working through and resolving karmic differences and debts to one another.

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There are but brief moments remaining on your current timeline and each of you will be attracting all that you have felt necessary to deal with and release before the time arrives to move towards a greater existence. Know that in doing so, you will keeper peace of mind and heart by releasing you from all that tethers you to your formal lifetimes in third density.

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Although, these tethers are illusionary, your beliefs have anchored them strongly within you and you will need to reach right into the depths of your heart for they are deeply rooted. In doing so, you release the sound of the Soul Song that grows in strength, vibration and resonation. There are many Universal Beings that have previously been unaware of the HUman beings that reside on Gaia, as the very nature of physicality in third density closes off awareness of higher dimensional existence. Simply because, the Naked Song has been of insufficient resonance to stand out amongst the billions of other beings in countless star systems who have already raised their vibrations through ascension and transformed into higher dimensions.

But now they are beginning to sit up and take notice with awe and disbelief.

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Never before was it thought possible that the physical beings on Gaia could achieve the light resonances now being experienced in mass third density through Unity Consciousness. The Ascension process is naked a journey towards a destination as a point and space in time, it is becoming the very best you can be — right Now.

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It is not solely what you say and do as a projection of your ego Self, but is essentially about keeper you ARE to the very core xxxyoungbabe your being.

Become the messenger of your Divine Self and you will know that when you speak and when you act, it is done so from the highest intention that you Are - as your true nature.