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Skip navigation! Seeing as they're pretty much everywhere, all the time, it's hard to believe there's anything we don't know about the Naked. The book is part memoir, part self-help, and part diet-and-exercise guide. She speaks in a voice that, if not hers alone, is at least well-edited to come off that way: While it's playful and funny in parts, the volume offers a look into the serious side of the most private Kardashian sister, one that we don't often see.

28 Times The Kardashian/Jenners Got Totally Naked For The Camera

Teen porn brass, we rounded up 10 tidbits from the book, some more revelatory than others. Here are 10 interesting facts from Strong Looks Better Naked — khole from least to most surprising:.

The Kardashians love drama.

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Wait, what?! I think all of kardashian Kardashians do.

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We like problems because suddenly we have another opportunity to find a smart solution. My hero!

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