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AHHHHH! NUDE FAT PEOPLE! - Playalinda Beach

We traveled to Florida many times, visit many beautiful beaches. Playalinda beach at the Canaveral This isn't a snorkeling beach or one with crystal clear water. But it is very clean, serene, and My wife and I recently each took a vacation day during the beach and ventured out to legendary Playalinda Beach, lot The previous review is not completely accurate. Playalinda Beach as a whole is not a nude beach. However, by tradition, the beach at lot 13 is definitely a nude beach. Lot 13 is the last parking lot on northern Playalinda Beach.

Nudist Compass - North Playalinda Beach

As soon as we walked over the bridge over the dunes it was very obvious that this was a nude beach. As we found our spot on the beach we were a little nervous for porns pussy pic 2 playlinda.

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But I was amazed at how comfortable we became and "went native. There were a few younger couples, a few older couples and quite a few men, especially older men, no naked women and no teens or children.