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Less than 20 kilometers from the border, it started to rain and I slipped on my jacket for the first time in months. Suddenly, teenhot picporn oncoming car peeled to a halt in front of me.

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Do you speak English? It is very slippery.

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I waved at the man and thanked him albania the warning. Cycling on, I quickly discovered what the old man had meant. After passing through what must have been the 8th or 9th tunnel of the day, I came across three cyclists two young men and a woman who were standing on the roadside, tending to one another and wiping blood from their arms, backs and faces. The boys were trying to go as fast as the cars and slipped in the water. We are okay. I looked at the young man the woman was tending to and assumed it was her boyfriend.

He had his shirt off and had just put on a fresh new pair of tight black bike shorts.

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His others lay in a tattered mess on the earth beneath his feat. He had obviously taken a fall on his nude side as his thighs and shoulders girl red with blood and black with tar from the roads.