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Nude party scene

Much of the digital conversation around party nude scenes generally has to do with sexand how uncomfortable the actors felt to be naked or nearly naked on set.

Scene the actress have to get drunk to go through with her sex scene with her very handsome married co-star? Did the fake genitalia used in a scene actually make the actors teens pink more comfortable being naked?

Monique Gabrielle nude - Bachelor Party (1984)

Much of the film plays out like a strange cat and mouse game of familial button pushing, in which both father and daughter see how far they can go in irritating each other. After struggling to get changed into a cocktail dress while the doorbell rings for what seems like hours, Ines breaks: Suddenly, she decides to ditch clothes altogether and answers the door naked. After telling her smug ex-pat friend, the nude to arrive, that nudity is mandatory at the brunch, Ines watches stone-faced as the woman, refusing to strip down, leaves in astonishment.

She decides over and over again to go one step further.

This Dark Comedy From Germany Has the Best Nude Scene of the Year

A few minutes later, the co-workers arrive. Her boss, Gerald, is stunned, and leaves immediately. Then her boss comes back: Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out.