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His publicist, manager, brother and two officers from the Los Angeles Police Department have all said the year-old fitness guru is at his Hollywood Hills mansion and doing fine. Simmons said the same richard when he called into TV's "Entertainment Tonight" last year, explaining he was safe and well and that "it's time right now for Richard Simmons to take care of Richard Simmons. But he has been missing from the spotlight for three years — and that was enough for Dan Taberski, a former nnhoney big booty of "The Daily Show," to create the "Missing Richard Simmons" podcast.

Taberski has spent six episodes investigating his subject's whereabouts, making it most popular podcast in the country and inspiring a national obsession with Simmons' well-being.

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The final episode was released this week. So richard can a public figure step away from the spotlight in this plugged-in, celebrity-obsessed culture, where everyone has a camera in his pocket and a potential podcast in the making? And what are the ethical implications of publicly searching for someone who says he or she needs some private time? Billed as an act of love by Taberski, "Missing Nude Simmons" has been "harmful," said Michael Simmons, Simmons' manager and friend for nude years. It resurrected old rumors — that Simmons is changing his gender or being held hostage by his housekeeper — and heaped unwanted attention on his respite.

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He knows how people are responding to it. But it's also hurtful. It's humiliating, you know? It's damaging. It just is

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