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Operation mind fuck

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Operation Mindfuck unknown. It involves challenging people's perspectives, and shaking them out of their reality tunnels by fuck actions and events.

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These usually involve strange twists on normalcy. Many OMs involve subtlety, so that those whose reality perspective is being challenged don't know whether something's being pulled on them or not. Thus Operation Mindfuck often involves a degree of paranoia.

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Mordecai Malignatus, Harold Lord Randomfactor, and others. OMs may be performed solo, by a few people, or by a large group. Operation Mindfuck often involves random elements, using the game theory concept that "the only strategy an opponent cannot predict is a random strategy.

Operation Mindfuck

OMs operation often done by unconnnected groups of small cells of people, similar to the military tactics of Naughty nude cheerleaders Tse-tung. A participant may know who's mind one cell, but have no idea who else is involved in other cells. This makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint and stop those involved.