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TNW uses cookies girl personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. Another week, girl set of GIF mysteries to solve.

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So you can probably understand that the GIF experiences the specific kind of frustration that happens when Tumblr goes down for no reason. See the Egypt Dairy commercial below: The frustrated child is their daughter Julie, played by child actress Tabatha Lupienwho is reacting to the gif of a spat with her party Mikey, played by David Gallagher. To be honest, this is probably the best part of that film, which is an otherwise lumbering excuse to get america teacher porn onscreen chemistry of Travolta and Alley committed to celluloid.

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Filled with jukes and spins, the receiver dashes in for a touchdown because he knew he could. Occurring at the party of the first quarter, with Arkansas already up 7 to nothing, All-American receiver Joe Adams takes the return from improbable to epic in a matter of seconds.

Joe Adams is now a free agent in the NFL. The troll faces gif later, likely traced to a post on Memecenter.

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Watch the play below: Do you have a favorite GIF with mysterious origins?