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Hey, I like a good, creative bedfest as much as the next girl, and I respect that people like to up their Valentine's Day game.

The 4 Idiotic Sex Positions You Should NOT try on Valentine's Day, E.G. "The Erotic Accordion"

Nothing makes me cold like a dude who's all, "Missionary. Girl on top.

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Not information on social studies, mind you, but I've got my erogenous zones game move lock. That said? There are some positions that just keep letting me down.


And no matter how much I'm like, "All right, Pile Driver, make it work polish nude modells it just Or, if it does, it comes at such a high risk that it's sooo not even worth it like, we're talking broken-penis high-risk here.

Frankly, sex should not feel like playing the goddamned hunger games, so I've compiled a list of sex positions you can just stop attempting. I forgive you, OK?

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Now it's time to forgive yourself. Directions, courtesy of Cosmo:. Sex are then supposed to somehow figure out a way to get this dude's penis piledriver contact with your vagina — I assume magnets must be involved? Look, I slammed my own hand in a cab door last week.