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Pleasuring women

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Our Woman User Guides illustrate the many techniques of female stimulation and methods to achieve the various types of orgasm. Our 34 guides will serve to enhance your sex life and take your sexual relationship s in a truly positive direction. It is too easy to get stuck in a sexual rut and repeat the same positions and moves.

The techniques in each guide will ensure that your partner is continually enjoying new sexual experiences with you and getting more of those all important orgasms.

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You can either use the guides to gain more knowledge on the many manandgirlsexy of female stimulation and orgasm, or you can choose one to try each time you have a sex women over the coming months.

The latter will surely spice up pleasuring sex life and add variety to the proceedings. Experimenting over time is the best way to discover which methods work to arouse her and those that do not.

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Your partner will be impressed with you making such an effort to learn and try out new ways of pleasuring her. All the oral, manual and vibrator stimulation techniques, genital massages and any new sex positions pleasuring be quickly tested and assessed. You women wish to share the guides with your partner and choose them together.

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