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Last month, Mature boy xxx reported on how Pornhub promotes and profits from Girls Do Porna company accused of coercing dozens of women into having sex on camera and spreading those videos on the internet—including on Pornhub, one of the most popular websites in the world.

Twenty-two of those women are suing Girls Do Porn in a case that goes to trial this month. The Girls Do Porn channel is a "Pornhub Content Partner," meaning it has a contractual agreement that benefits both the channel and Pornhub through views and advertising.

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On July 29, Pornhub told Motherboard that following our reporting, the company contacted the lawyers representing the women suing Girls Do Porn, to help identify content that featured plaintiffs—and subsequently removed it. Pornhub also removed Girls Do Porn branding from sections of the site directed at users, including the Pornhub Premium subscription FAQ page, which previously described Girls Do Porn content as "top shelf.

Upon learning of this issue, Pornhub contacted the Girls Do Porn team to identify the videos in question so they could be removed from the Girls Do Porn channel. Since Girls Do Porn did not respond to our outreach efforts, we contacted the pornhub representing the plaintiffs in this case.

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Pornhub their help, we were able to women which videos belonged to the plaintiffs in this case, and immediately removed the videos from its site, as well as any other images that may feature one of the plaintiffs.

Despite removing several videos, banners, and some marketing copy referencing Girls Do Porn, Pornhub still hosts Girls Do Porn's official channel, and dozens of women videos which have accumulated millions of views.

Pornhub's content partner page also still prominently features Girls Do Porn as a content partner and premium viewshare partner.