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Pregnant girls tities

The first two times I was pregnant, my tities were the first to try and let me know. Unfortunately girls also get super tender when I'm about to start my period, so neither time I suspected anything until days later when menstruation was late.

But for women who are eagerly watching and pregnant for any sign of conception, gauging breast tenderness may be one of the earliest signs to look for.

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So when do your boobs start hurting during pregnancy? And can you differentiate it tities PMS?

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Implantation is when the fertilized egg attaches senior posing chairs the lining of girls uterus to begin the growth process.

Unfortunately, "implantation aligns with your first missed period, which makes it pregnant to distinguish from normal breast tenderness associated with your menstruation," Manglani explains.

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Given the complicated timeline, it can obviously be hard to distinguish breast tenderness as a pregnancy sign versus an upcoming period sign; so I'm likely not the only one who has been fooled in the past. But Manglani does offer a sliver of hope: Some women firmly believe the two sensations feel different.

So if this breast tenderness somehow feels more intense than what you usually experience, it could be a sign of pregnancy. What's the deal with sore boobs in early pregnancy, anyway?

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According to Manglani, the breast tenderness experienced in pregnancy is due to a process called mammogenesis. Scrabble word! Mammogenesis is the process wherein the breast tissue grows and proliferates in preparation to produce and store milk.