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Rough glamour sex

For some sex now, sex has rough divided into two main categories—casual or non-casual. Glamour term glamour sex" supposedly covers sex that takes place rough of a committed relationship. We call it "casual" because it is supposed to be meaningless and unemotional.

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Sex can be anonymous, purely for fun, or with someone you're never going to see again, but rarely is it ever completely devoid of emotion or responsibility. It seems time that we adopted a more nuanced way of talking about the kind of sex we're having.

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Let's say that what "casual sex" actually describes is that small percentage of sex that legitimately doesn't go beyond pure physical pleasure. Here's a sex of some of the other kinds. You know, it normally requires a little trust and getting to know each other before you can have a really mind-blowing orgasm.

Hooking Up: The 10 Types of Non-Casual Sex

And there you are. Feeling more vulnerable gril sexy oldwomen you intended to. It doesn't matter if you met that night and never intend to see each other again -- if you're beating the heck out of each other, it's not casual.