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It was one of a set of at least tamil virgin sex canons probably written in Vienna in The main theme is derived from the final movement of Round Haydn 's Symphony No.

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A more idiomatic translation would be the English "Kiss my arse! A new text version, which may have been ass authentic one, came to light in Handwritten texts to this and several other similar canons were found added to a printed score of the work in an historical printed edition acquired by Harvard University 's Music Library.

Leck mich im Arsch

They had evidently been added to the book by a later hand. Org, since in six of the pieces these entries matched texts that had, in the meantime, independently come to light in original manuscripts, it was hypothesised that the remaining three may, too, have been original, including texts for K. The text rediscovered in consists only of the repeated phrases: Leck mich im A Leck im A

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