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Video Welcome to the world of Rock Movie Porn with porn stars and rock stars partying in Hollywood from dusk till dawn. Three go-go dancers seeking thrills encounter fuck young couple in the desert. After winning a car race and dispatching the boyfriend, they take the girl hostage but meet their match when they stumble upon a family of hillbillies.

Explicitly free hardcore orn as russ tribute to "the late great Russ Meyer", this Faster Pussycat homage emerges movie an unusually knowing tribute by hardcore video makers to the tradition of softcore porn.

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While the first half is entertaining, fuck falls apart due to the exigencies of delivering endless sex footage, and would have seemed russ if projected back in the theatrical porn era. At least Elizabeth Starr's effort is fun and delivers the goods, unlike the recent slumming expeditions by Tarantino and the disappointing Bitch Slap by Rick Jacobson. Those were self-aggrandizing exercises that didn't care a hoot about the fans.