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Saharapornstar pics

Porn Star Sahara was the undisputed Queen of black sex starlets during the 's, a gorgeous, classy woman who proved to be every bit as scorchingly hot as the desert from which she took her name. Sahara worked at a feverish pace throughout the decade, appearing in virtually every major black or interracially themed video that was released.

Her popularity had many reasons, not the least of which were her stunning good looks.

Sahara pornstar

Nicole sheridan sexy long hair, a lusty leer in her eyes, a nasty smirk, huge breasts, and a slim and trim saharapornstar body, Sahara instantly made an impression when she walked onto a film set. Sahara always brought an aura of sophistication, class and elegance to every role she took. Sahara's sexual performances never disappointed, either, as she could turn on the juice and crank herself up to pics highest heights of wanton eroticism.

Sahara engaged in every sort of sex act with ardor, a truly evident passion for her work that came through quite clearly. Her large mouth helped pics to develop quite a reputation as an oral specialist, saharapornstar she was equally adept and enthusiastic about any sex act she performed.

Sahara Porn Star

Sahara bucked and writhed with explosive energy and eroticism, and it was plain to see that this was a woman who loved her work. She has saharapornstar star quality, as well, the aura of someone who draws your eye whenever she stepped on screen.

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Sahara has retired from the biz, but she left behind scores of first-rate sexual performances that have kept her name a familiar one to fans of beautiful, luscious, talented pics women.

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