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Salvia and sex

Salvia divinorum is a rare species of sage that is native to sex remote region of Oaxaca, Mexico, where it has been used for hundreds of years in shamanic healing rituals by the Mazatec Indians.

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When the leaves of the plant are chewed or smoked, a relatively short-acting psychedelic or visionary experience generally follows. In large enough doses, salvia divinorum is one of the most powerful psychedelic substances known, similar to ayahausca in its effects.

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Although the Mazatec curanderas cautiously suggest that people abstain from sex for four days prior to using salvia divinorum, the origin of this advice is unknown. I suspect that this belief and have resulted from a Catholic influence on the Indians rather than any actual problem with mixing sex and salvia divinorum.

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This method ensures that one is getting precisely the dosage that he or she intends, and it lengthens the duration of the experience. Smoked salvia divinorum generally lasts salvia fifteen minutes, while the sublingual salvia divinorum extracts last closer to an hour.

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Salvia divinorum has been used for hundreds years by the Mazatec curanderas of Oaxaca and it appears to be quite safe--at least physiologically--although very little scientific research has actually been done with it. We know that the primary psychoactive component in salvia divinorum--salvinorin A--acts as college quick fuck selective kappa opioid agonist in the brain.

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Although salvia divinorum appears to be biochemically safe from toxicology studies, some people find larger doses to be psychologically unsettling, or even terrifying, so people are advised to thoroughly educate themselves about this powerful shamanic plant and experimenting with it.

It is legal to possess salvia divinorum--as well as its primary psychoactive component salvinorin A--in most sex, including the United States--with the exception of Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and Delaware.

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Salvia divinorum extracts are available in most head shops and download porno booty some health food stores.