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Sex and Chopstick

I have to be honest, I never intended to revisit this series, however The Forbidden Legend: The plot begins where the original left off, with Simon Qing feeling pretty awesome, having added another woman to his collection of concubines after murdering her sex Wu Da Lang.

The Forbidden Legend: Sex and Chopsticks II has a plot that resembles a soap opera, packed full of drama, scheming, and betrayals. Adding Pinky to his collection of wives means doing away with chopstick own friend, but Simon is willing to commit more murders to serve his unchecked desires.

It really is great to see this kind of film still being made today. Thanks no doubt to the presence of a gorgeous bunch of brave actresses and AV starlet beauties, I would call this film a sex in what it set out to do.

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I might as well say it now to get it over with, yes, there is a fairly non stop parade of graphic scenes of almost every variety imaginable. While the movie may not find appeal among mainstream audiences, this is a step in the right direction.

With excellent production quality, and a keen eye to make the actors look chopstick sexual as possible, the only thing this film really suffers from is a weak script and lack of pacing. As the story unfurls, he attempts to ravish many pornxxxs images women, obviously not learning his lesson.