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After endless amounts of drool over sexy male nerds like sexy recent NY Observer piece about male sexy nerds of steel ," hailing the arrival of geeks who are buffmany men and women are cheering about the "revenge of the nerdette" -- the rise of the sexy nerd girl. Of course, until now female geeks' sex appeal has been roughly equivalent to that of Napoleon Dynamite.

Women describes the nerd girl as a stock character who wears eye glasses, dresses unfashionably, wears pigtails and other little girl items like mary-jane shoes and amanda braun porno high socksis shy and socially inept and either overweight or gangly.

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More recently, they sometimes have a passion for social justice see Simpson, Lisa are feminist nurd post-feminist see Granger, Hermione or come up with the piece of knowledge that enables the plot to be resolved see Velma from Scooby Doo.

And sometimes, just sometimes, they get a makeover and become kinda pretty albeit in an awkward way see Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

But that's not what nerd girl 2.

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The new, tech-savvy, sci-fi loving nerd looks more like a cheerleader than a mouse: The Nerd Girl group at Tufts University, for example, "may not look like your stereotypical ashe porno misfits -- [one] has a thing for pink heels -- but they're part of a growing breed of young women who are claiming the nerd label for themselves.

In doing so, they're challenging the notion of what a geek should look like, either by intentionally sexing up their tech personas, or by simply finding no disconnect between their geeky pursuits and more traditionally girly interests such as fashion, makeup and high heels.

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Newsweek goes on to say that they've modeled nurd after Tina Fey, whose character on 30 Rock is a " Star Wars -loving, tech-obsessed, glasses-wearing geek, but who's garnered mainstream appeal women a few fashion-magazine covers.