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Squat fuck

Powerlifters doing powerlifting stuff on the internet.

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That squat is high says the thirteen-year-old kid who just got his first Hotindiangrilsex weights set for Christmas and has read starting strength god help us all. You see both of these people are correct in their own head or in their own context.

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Squat thirteen-year-old kid who is judging multiply lifting by the standards of the IPF is correct that squat is high… by IPF standards. So is it any surprise that people get butthurt as fuck in comment sections online.

You see what is lacking here is an empathy to another point of view, another way of looking at things.

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The most hilarious battleground in the squat depth wars can be found in strength and conditioning where some coaches who come from a weightlifting or powerlifting background think that how an athlete performs a barbell squat has any reflection on their preparation for their own sport.

If you are a weightlifter than what you consider a squat is a feat of tremendous flexibility and control that is probably only really applicable to you know, fucking weightlifters.

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Next time you see a video of someone squatting for whatever reason maybe fuck yourself in the shoes of the person who is performing the squat and then begin to realise. Forced girl anal remember one of squat less productive nights on this planet crawling through the lifting portions of reddit. Anyway someone posted up fuck video of Usain bolt doing a gym session and also Ben Johnston box squatting kg x 5 reps.