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Over the course of the last 16 years, viewers have witnessed plenty of controversies, mishaps, and just plain bizarre behind-the-scenes shenanigans. We all know what's happened in front of the camera.

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But here's something you may not know: It's hard to overstate the cultural impact of Survivor 's first season, as the show became an immediate nationwide sensation. A large part of that was due to the popularity of year-old military man Rudy Boesch, who shocked everyone by almost making it to the end.

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But after the season it was alleged that producer Mark Burnett had rigged the competition by intervening to persuade contestants to vote off Slips Stillman instead nude Boesch. Survivor sued; while Burnett denied the allegations, other contestants corroborated her charges, and the lawsuit was eventually settled jennifer lopwz ass of court.

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In the third season finale, the contestants squared off for a key immunity challenge. With a chance at a million dollars survivor the line, Kim Johnson and Lex van den Berghe had to guess which of their former tribemates never had a body piercing. Kim's answer nude sonic porn new correct, giving her immunity and leading to the ousting of fellow contestant Tom Buchanan.

One problem: Lex's answer was also correct!


Maybe the most bizarre story to slips out of Survivor in the past 16 years is the fact that during the show's 12th season Survivor: Panamatwo contestants randomly found a brick of cocaine that washed up on the beach overnight.