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It was released on April 29, Let that sink in for a moment. From the very first time most millennial females saw the movie, it became an overnight classic.

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Because what better way to pay homage to one of our collective favorite movies ever? New girl Cady Heron arrives after being home-schooled bus Africa her whole life…. Cady starts hanging out with said mean teen. The more she hangs around them, the more Cady learns about their constant double-speak.

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Regina finds out about Cady and Aaron, and immediately uses her gif ways to win him back for herself. Regina then flaunts him around in front of Cady.

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Cady plots her revenge. Learning that Regina wants to lose weight because, duhCady convinces her that carb-filled exercise bars will help her shed the pounds. As she packs on the pounds, Regina just gets meaner and meaner, thusly turning her own kind away from her. After the principal of the school finds out what Cady has allegedly done, Regina posts up the mean things in jessie hot nude book all over the school. Chaos ensues, with all the girls lashing out at each other and saying mean things about one another.

Eventually, all the girls sit down for an assembly, during which Ms.