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Twilight fans, rejoice: According to Robert Pattinsonyour favorite band of vampires and werewolves may be getting back together. I've teen the Botox out!

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I can do it," he added jokingly. Considering Edward Cullen hasn't aged a day in hundreds of years, we'd say moisturizing and wrinkle reducing feels like a good way to prep for the part. Though it's been six years since the fourth Twilight film hit screens, he says it feels video "not a day has teen since naked fatality, Kristen Stewartand Taylor Lautner were entangled in the greatest love story of our time.

Obviously, video would take a lot twilight another Twilight movie to actually happen, but the film's stars have gotten together for some mini IRL reunions since their vampire-playing days. Former on- and off-screen couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were spotted hanging out twilight a few times earlier this year, and Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed attended the Elle Women in Hollywood party together in Regardless of whether you're team Edward or team Jacob, all Twi-hards have gotta admit: It would be really, really exciting to see them all together again.

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Robert Pattinson Would Consider Playing Edward Cullen in Another 'Twilight' Movie

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